Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: The Hidden Truth
From: (Scott the Great)
Date: 1990-10-08, 19:39

If you ask me, all the events in Twin Peaks happened several months before the
events in _The Hidden_, and therefore Special Agent Cooper will soon be killed
in a forest fire and his body will be taken over by the giant.  Meanwhile,
Bob, who is in reality the villain alien from _The Hidden_ will go on a
murder, robbery, and brouhaha spree throughout the west coast until finally
being killed by The Giant's Bug-like Alien Zapper(tm).  Finally, Harry Truman,
who looks suspiciously like Michael Nouri, also of _The Hidden_ will be
fatally wounded, only to be taken over by the Giant who lets go of Late
Special Agent Cooper's body and runs off with Joan Chen.  Happy ending...

Or is the extraterrestrial sub-plot just another homage to a movie that's
a rip-off of Hal Clement?

"My Bowels are not what they seem"

Scott Le Grand aka