Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: The owls are hot when they steam
From: rbn@Apple.COM (Robert B. Neville)
Date: 1990-10-08, 02:31

Prediction: Patty Duke killed Laura Palmer. It seems Ms. Duke is insanely
jealous of ANY identical cousins on television.

And now, on a *slightly* more serious subject...We have the owls, Deputy
"Hawk", Waldo the *amazingly* verbal mynah...any other bird references? Some
have made the 'Ben & Jerry Horne => horned owls' (not myself, of
course) could also make a 'Blackie => blackbird' jump, if one were so inclined.

If Maddy is actually Laura trying for a 'new life', what (besides tight
scripting, of course) is keeping her in Twin Peaks? It would certainly seem
safer for her to be living with the Fergusons than with the Palmers.

A side-plot this season may become "Who's gonna kill Albert Rosenfield?" Miguel
Ferrer is doing a GREAT job...easily MY vote for favourite TP character!

Far left-field, and certainly NOT a theory I believe in (but fun speculation
anyway): If the 'Dale Cooper is really his flipped-out parner making it all up
in his head 'cause he's over the edge' theory pans out, you could say these
characters have 'flown the Coop'. (sorry)

How 'bout that James Hurley? He sure gets good bass & percussion from a single
guitar with a small amp, no? :)

While I'm here...I'd really like to find an ftp site with TP GIF files. If you
know of one, PLEASE post or let me know. Thanks.

_Twin Peaks_: Think of it as _A Prarie Home Companion_ for the disturbed. :)

Sorry...I can't sign it with *these* things!