Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Theresa Banks/Fleshworld?
From: (Michael Kaye)
Date: 1990-10-08, 23:54

More stuff from ze diary.

Lucy and Andy are scanning fleshworlds for Theresa Banks.
I think they might find the very page of fleshworld Jacques 
gives to Laura.

pg. 120 around christmas 87'
  [jacques gives a christmas present to laura]

"..When I opened it, I realized the wrapper was a folded,
torn-out page from Fleshworld, showing a guy built kind of like 
Jaqcues, kneeling in front of a really pretty blond girl. I think she
was the prettiest girl I'd ever seen in that magazine.  In the photo,
this girl was almost naked with a parrot on her shoulder, and the
man was kissing her feet like he adored her.  At the bottom of the
page, Jacques had written, "Thinking of you, fantasy girl."

hum.  Maybe the girl in the picture is Theresa Banks, and the
guy who is built "kind of like Jacques" is Jacques.  
Laura has a similar picture of her taken at the Jacques cabin, 
with a mynah bird on her shoulder.  Not that I know what to make 
of any of this or anything :) It would give a previously non-existant 
connection between Laura and Theresa, and maybe Jacques.

Michael Kaye
"Say it isn't so Krusty!"