Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Various odd thoughts...
From: (Chris'n'Vickie of Chicago)
Date: 1990-10-08, 20:17

1) Space Aliens? Supernatural Beings? Killer Bobs From Another Dimension?
   Talking Logs? Whatever happens, I can handle it because NOTHING Lynch
   could possibly come up with is as highly improbable as the fact
   that he has a Soap Opera airing on Prime Time Network TV!

2) Here in Chicago the opening credits were different than usual. The
   shot of the bird and the sawblades were cut out. Was it that way
   everywhere? If so, could it have been a reference to the mill
   burning down? No mill-no sawblades.

3) Ok, so who's Lucy been sleeping with?
   a) Cooper-No way, he wasn't in town.
   b) Harry-possible, if he's been seeing Josie for only six weeks
      maybe he & Lucy were having an affair before. The timing is
      good. I don't think so though. They are too natural together.
      There's no sense of tension between them at all.
   c) Hawk-no, he seems to go for well-educated classy women. Lucy
      is smarter than she sometimes appears, but just doesn't seem
      his type.
   d) There are other deputies around that we haven't really met,
      but I tend to think that it's going to be someone we all know.
   e) For some silly and illogical reason, I keep seeing Lucy and
      Jerry Horne together. I'm not seriously suggesting he's the
      one, but if he wern't such a sleezy scumbag, they'd make a cute
   f) Until Lynch tells us who it is, the only way to get clues is
      to re-watch the earlier episodes and look for a place where
      Lucy seems uncomfortable with someone. Can anyone think of an
   g) Possibly she was raped, but that's not very likely. She doesn't
      act like such a traumatic experience has happened to her recently.
   h) As long as we're talking about Lucy, Kimmy Robertson is making
      a guest appearance (she'll be singing!) on Roger McGuinn's 
      comeback album. It's due for release in February.

4) A small city the size of Twin Peaks would have a local police 
   department, besides a Sheriffs Office. Why haven't we seen any
   local cops? I grew up in a city of 35,000 and we had both.

5) Re: Cooper meeting Maddy. I just can't let this go. 

   I think it's an insult to Cooper's intelligence and observational
   powers to say that he didn't notice Maddy at Laura's funeral.
   My God SHE WAS RIGHT THERE! Sunglasses or no, that mouth is pretty
   unique. Cooper had not only seen Laura up close and dead, he's seen
   the photos in her house and the videotape she, Donna and James made.
   The main reason he was at the funeral was to check out people to see
   who came and who didn't (he sure noticed that Jacoby wasn't there)
   and watch how the people there acted. He would have seen when Leland
   and Sarah arrived. He would have seen that there was someone with
   them. He would have seen that that woman bore some resemblance to
   Laura. Family resemblance. 

   We don't always have to assume that, if we haven't seen it happen 
   onscreen then it didn't happen. My theory is that Cooper was
   introduced to Maddy before the service began. He probably filed her
   under "possible link/cousin/lived in another state at time of 
   Laura's death/not high priority to interview at this time/Amazing

   One thing about TP--it's making time slow down. BTP (Before Twin Peaks)
   weeks & months used to zip by. DTP (During Twin Peaks) every week lasts
   at least a month, waiting for the next episide. Fine by me 'cause I'll
   stay young longer :-)