Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Without Chemicals
From: (S. A. Wilson)
Date: 1990-10-08, 17:58

I still say that that "without chemicals" thingy refers to
Jacoby. He was acting even stranger than normal while in
the hospital, even Dr. Hayward commented on it, asking
the nurse what he was on. The nurse said only what you
prescibed, & something about eatting some of his food.
Then in walks Coop & he interrogates Jacoby. Jacoby in turn
tells him about Laura, & that it appeared to him that
she was about to confront something/one. He hints at
suicide to which Coop refutes, but he says that although
she did not  physically kill her ownself, she brought it
about. I think this is pointing the way to something, and
thus the 3rd clue. For prior to this we & Coop sees the
Smiling Bag, ie Jacques in the bodybag being carted off, then
he interrogates Jacoby, then this week the Owl message.
1-2-3, in that order.

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