Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: a few observations (minor and major)
Date: 1990-10-09, 11:47

we've just caught with the heavy message flow and have
a few quck observations.

1.  Waiter who comes across Cooper on floor is mad in THE SEARCHERS and 
keeps saying "thank you, thank you kindly". But in same movie John Wayne
and partner meet mad woman in fort who has been tortured by Indians. In
her arms she cradles a log as if it were a baby. There has been a very
strong Indian imagery in TP, particularly at beginning. Violation of sacred
forests (Ghostwood Estates), nature, etc.

2. "The owls are not what they seem." In cheap pulp fiction a line like
that would mean that men in the forest are making owl noises. Also, the
technical term for an owl's ears is "horns".

3. The main problem with the first show was that it was two hours long.
TP should stick to one-hour slot.

4. Anybody notice the 2001 food in the hospital with a kick! Prelude to
sci-fi imagery in subsequent episode.

5. Ronnette Pulaski=Roman Polanski. Rosemary's Baby about to arrive?

6. Paramount Picture contrasted with Twin Peaks. Look at logo for town
on billboard on outskirts and then examine logo of Paramount Pictures.
Very similar. But Lynchian duality contrasted with monolithic (paramount)
Hollywood fare.

7. Fire can destroy wood but ice can put out fire and ice can
 also be melted by fire  but ice can't hurt wood (like paper, scissors,
stone). The Hornes sit at the center of the ice-fire-wood nexus. Ben and
Jerry's icecream, "we have to burn SOMETHING" (plus arson of mill), and
they want to control the woods (mill and Ghostwood Estates). Also both
are dealing with the Icelanders who "live above the timberline".
Characters in TP can be divided according to wood (e.g. the log lady), 
fire (e.g. Donna who now smokes) and ice (e.g. Mr Frosty getting his 
"rocks" off). The shows key resolutions are a) the woods will win by
being preserved from the ravages of man b) it will end in a great 
conflagration which will make the burning of the mill look like a 
boyscouts' bonfire c) the Icelanders and their like will build Ghostwood
and still the town's passions and torments. In any case, the brothers
Horne will be at the center of the final resolution.

Diarmuid Maguire                    Hillard Pouncy