Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: All the answers...(kinda)
From: (rON. (
Date: 1990-10-09, 23:36

O.K.- here it is:
Bobby killed Laura.
Leland wsa molested as a child, in turn, molested Laura and feels guilty
 for her death.
'Bob' is an 'evil' psychic entity that >represents< the 'evil' that lurks
 in and around the TP area.
The Asian man shot Cooper.
Catherine is alive.
The giant is 'real', (as real as space beings can get).
The Col. message to Cooper was not faked.
Donna is merely feeling the strain of Laura's death- she will begin to emulate
 Laura more and more in the following weeks.
The log does not lie.
The magic kid said 'I have a solitary soul'.
King Hohoho did not rise to power in Tibet until the Horse year 475.
Anything else I missed?

rON. (!
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