Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Bob is everywhere! (WAS: Re: Leland recognizing BOB)
From: (Roman)
Date: 1990-10-09, 19:33
Reply-to: Roman@Mthvax.CS.Miami.Edu

First, to digress: How many Twin Peaks characters have now seen Killer Bob?
We have Mrs. Palmer and Cooper from the first season.  Anyone else
from then?  Now we can add Ronette Polaski and Cousin Maddie (a/k/a
Laura Palmer??).  

In <> (Charles Blair) writes:
> >   I agree with those posters who have identified Jerry Horne as BOB (brother
> >of Ben).  I think when Jerry changes into BOB, he either disguises himself or
> >has a physical transformation of supernatural kind (sort of like Norman Bates
> >turning into his mother).  
> >   Leland senses that Jerry is BOB, but only subconciously.  Jerry is anxious
> >to take appropriate steps before this becomes concious.
I tend to disagree, if only because it doesn't fit well enough into Cooper's
"Man from Another Place" dream.  Besides, he looks more like "Larry" from
Newhart.  Which fits into my theory, that Bob's last name is "Newhart".