Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: extra-T in art, etc...
From: Thane E. Plambeck 
Date: 1990-10-09, 23:42
To: plambeck@neon.Stanford.EDU

so then, take for example close encounters of the third kind.  now that
was a typical case.  the movie is quite interesting to the point when
things are being explained----when the spaceships appear we begin to
feel an ennui, a thickness, a (how should I say it) Very Stupidness.
when the extra-terrestrials themselves are seen, we feel silly indeed
to have even entered the theatre.  the best plan, the only plan, once
these concepts have been brought into play, is to forever postpone
explanation or clarification, and it is in this sense that they may
succeed in twin peaks.  what we have here, ultimately, of course,
is a SYMBOL of what is unanswered in our lives, whatever that may be.
an explanation, once offered and accepted, in effect destroys that
thing which it explains.  the little green man is of course, a fetus,
an origin, or a place unexplained.  ((let me recommend this 
rhetorical technique, that of spraying `of course' into your
writing at random, unexplained points, to you))  the habit of
CAPITALIZING words, on the other hand, demeans the reader and let
me offer my apology before continuing.