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Subject: I called it, hopeless Peakie I am (was Re: 900 number for TP)
From: (Mike Cluff)
Date: 1990-10-09, 19:59

In article <>, (Brian McClendon) writes...

> >The tape will be updated weekly Sun mornings @ 6am.
> >$2 first min, $1/minute after.  A portion of the profits
> >will be donated to "environmental organizations."  1-900-860-0911

Having called it, I can elaborate more.  Those who wish to call, I'll give you
a chance at being able to hear it for yourself.  For the most part, nothing 
really substantial's said, but it's kind of fun...  So, 

*Minor Spoilers Follow*

Lucy answers the phone as if you were calling the sheriff's office to see 
what's up.  We even get an interruption from Deputy Brennan who tries to ask 
her out to the upcoming "smelt fry."  She indelicately refuses.

Anyway, to the chase.  Practically the first thing of substance Lucy tells us
of is the "cream corn" scene.  Guess that's important.  But THE MOST IMPORTANT
THING I HEARD (imho) was when Lucy describes Ronnette's reaction to the drawing
of Bob; Lucy said that Ronnette meant that Bob killed Laura and hurt her.  
Now, whether we are to take this seriously or not, I'm uncertain...

Then, the "mystery voice" interrupts Lucy in a feigned phone mishap.  He 
gives info about the "OWLS" transmission and other obvious stuff.  The only
"clue" here was that the "voice" claimed that Donna was going to visit the
house of Mr. Smith and that he (the voice, that is) didn't think it was such a 
good idea.  

So, all in all, a good thing to call for junkies like myself.  I'm almost 
positive I've missed something, as it goes by pretty quickly, and I'm not sure
I'm willing to pay another $2-$3 when somebody with better technology will
have the whole thing transcribed by tomorrow...
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