Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Misc. things...
From: (Ron Carter)
Date: 1990-10-09, 09:56
Reply-to: rcarter@isis.UUCP (Ron Carter)

A few scatter misc. observations.
TP is about ( among *lots* of other things ) dualities and dichotomies.
The twin ( 3! ) sets of Mike and Bob teams.
Also is about the seen ( good ) and hidden(!) ( evil ).
When something is missing it is always the left ( evil ) hand side.
We are given clues on how to view clues.
The Major tells us about visions.
Albert points out that -nobody- has -really- seen Killer Bob. He just
appears in visions. Beware of visions.
Maybe Cooper et al tranfers the presence of Mike ( shoe saleman ) and 
Bob ( the vet ) to the visionary ( dream state ) Mike ( one armed man )
and Killer Bob.

More misc.
Was that Jerry behind the tree ( last season ) when Leo was ( not )
picking up the drugs from Bobby ( "Leo needs a new pair of shoes?" ).
Watch for a Hong Kong/Josie/drug connection. 
Why is everyone sure that Leo put the drugs under the boards? Bobby is
our horticulturist ( a plant expert ) and sure wanted Leo out of the way.
And maybe Bobby popped the transient for the Hank/Josie deal?
And whate is the connection between the Major and Hank? Vietnam, drugs?

The killer is Leland. Logic as follows: Were definately sexual feelings
( on some level ) twixt him and Laura. He finds out about her cabin
escapade and follows, etc. The Log Lady seems a prime candidate for "the
one who saw..."

Some musings.
Is Cooper getting dumber, or what? Loss of blood?
Wish Nadine had different patches for outfits. ( A white satin patch! )
And betcha that was her prom dance dress.
Leland's white hair might be so people can tell Leland from Ben.
Possibly saw smiling bag before in morgue one armed man soliloquy.
Leland shot Cooper as well. Only one walking that night. Look for
Leland/Mattie interaction.
Got the second episode on tape? Fast forward ( watching ) the hospital
scene with Shelley, Doc and Coma Leo. Weird slow motion strobing.

And yeppers, that is SON-O-LYNCH holding the cream corn.
She's been hyp-no-tized...

And they better start "telling" some stuff, or TP will be canceled.

Ron ( ) "Think of it as evolution in process..."