Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: More Musings
From: (Tom Chiang)
Date: 1990-10-09, 19:58

1) just b/c leland says that he remembers bob from his childhood
doesn't make bob a real person...thirty years from now maddy may
remember bob from her childhood (visions)...i don't think we can
conclude that a long haired freak is running around TP

2) hopefully there'll be enough new music to put out volume 2 of the
TP soundtrack...already there's the guitar twang number when
donna/lauren bacall visits james...and there's also james doing his
huey/louie/dewey voice as he croons to D & M...i just love this muzik

3) perhaps when someone thought that the new girl at OEJ in season 1
was lucy, they were not wrong...maybe that's how lucy got
pregant...and since then she quit

4) i'm curious about the previews for next week...they show the OAM in
a bathroom stall (?) shot & dead (?) w/ coop's voice saying remember
in my dream the OAM knew bob...why on earth would anyone shoot the
OAM?...something big must go down involving him next week!

5) also, i believe there *is* a space connection...the giant did not
simply use major briggs's equipment to send a message...if the giant
had done that, how was it to be guaranteed that the major would
deliver the message?, i believe that since briggs monitors deep
space, he picked up the giants communications w/ coop...they are
aliens..not neccesariliy UFO aliens...just not from earth...not
humans...the log, having some kind of tie to the alien presence,
picked up the "deliver the message" which the log lady told briggs

6) an off the wall idea i had was that of alien abductions...maybe bob
was abducted when leland was a child...he now has the ability to time
travel, et al...i don't know!

7) from what lynch & frost said, the killer is not the same as in the
euroversion...the way things are going, i'd say its the same as the
euroversions w/ bob as the time travelling killer and the OAM out to
stop him

console cowboy
--------------------------end of transmission------------------------