Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: More Thoughts
Date: 1990-10-09, 16:36

    OK. . . I know this is JUST what this newsgroup needs:  more
theories!  Here we go.

    It's my opinion that the Asian guy was hired by Josie to kill
Cooper.  He *did* seem surprised to find that Coop was alive, and
besides:  Josie has shown that she doesn't have any compunction
against contract killings.  Ah, but why???  Was Cooper getting too
close to something she wanted to keep hidden?

    I've been dying to post this.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but
doesn't it seem that Frost (who did the teleplay for the premiere)
wanted to do MORE with the first confrontation between Audrey and
Blackie?  Considering Blackie's not-entirely-one-way leanings ev-
idenced by the diary and her seductively-clad "attendants", I was
expecting more when Blackie was putting Audrey in her place.  It
seemed to me that whatever Frost had in mind, the network censors
didn't approve of.  This isn't just my sick mind, either. . . a
lot of people I asked agreed with me on this.

    As sson as people started talking sci-fi, I got worried.  I'm
all for the lean towards the supernatural, and I love sci-fi by
itself, but when I put Twin Peaks and sci-fi together in my mind,
I got an initial shudder of distaste.  But then, after looking
back on the scenes suggesting an outer space element, I realized
that even if there is sci-fi in Twin Peaks' future, Lynch and Frost
will handle it well.  I don't think we have to worry about cheesy
alien effects or flying saucers.  If the show is meant to go sci-fi,
I'm willing to bet that it's going to be like no sci-fi we've ever
seen before.

    OK, about the "Is BOB screaming, or is he laughing" debate,
I'm going to put my money on screaming.  Let me go out on a wild
tangent here and offer some half-baked speculation.  There's
strong belief that BOB had somehow taken over Laura, or entered
her mind, or something like that.  All theories I've heard on the
matter portray BOB as the invader, and indeed he was in the diary.
But what about at the time of Laura's death?  What if Laura left
HER body and invaded BOB's???  This could explain all the ritual-
istic stuff at the end, and why BOB was screaming, yes screaming.

    There probably aren't very many of you left after all that,
so if you want more totally unfounded thoughts from me, just re-
ply and let me know you're reading.  If not, may you be lost in
the woods at night. . .