Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Owls
From: (Herb Kunze)
Date: 1990-10-09, 15:52

Just a quick comment on the whole "owl" issue.
Ignore Laura's secret diary and the owl references of the Log Lady
for the moment and just look at what the giant told Cooper:

"The owls are not what they seem."

Besides the obvious way to interpret "owls" in this statement, there
is another somewhat interesting definiton:

owl: n. 1. A person of solemn appearance, etc.
        2. A person with nocturnal habits.

And, just in case:

solemn: adj. 1. Marked by gravity, serious.   
	     2. Of great reputation, dignity, importance.

Using this less common definition, the giant's statement can be taken
in some interesting ways.

Interesting Possiblilty #1:

"The serious looking people are not what they seem."
"The reputable people are not what they seem"  

This could refer to the Hornes and their irregular business ventures,
or perhaps even Harry and some other seriously reputable people, even 
possibly Leland.

Interesting Possibility #2:

"The nocturnal people are not what they seem."

Well, Laura says that BOB only comes at night in her Secret Diary.
Maybe BOB isn't what he seems.
  Also notice that most (all?) of the visions/dreams have occurred
in the evening.  This includes the giant himself, the Man From Another
Place and BOB.  Maybe all these apparently physical beings are not
really physical beings.  I can hope, anyway.

I realize this is all rather unlikely and the giant was probably 
referring to the owls in the woods, but I thought it was interesting
enough that I'd share it.