Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: BOB DIDN'T DO IT!
From: (Herb Kunze)
Date: 1990-10-09, 16:03

In article <>, (Jim Halpin) writes:
> > 	I watched that scene again last night and BOB definitely does NOT
> > have handcuffs on. Right at the end of that scene, they show BOB kneeling
> > next to Laura with one hand on his knee. There is nothing attached to his
> > wrist and his other hand is not in sight.

  Agreed.  I haven't bothered to check whether he had handcuffs on earlier
  and somehow - off camera - removed them for that final shot, bit it seems

> > 	That CPR line is nothing but junk. You do not give CPR by raising
> > both hands over you head and smashing down on the chest as hard as possible!

  True.  But suppose you knew your patient was dying and you were really
  upset that she was.  You'd be performing standard CPR and when it failed
  to revive her, you might just increase the pressure and even go a bit 
  crazy and finally scream in despair at your failure.  Is it not
  possible that that's what BOB's doing?  I don't particularly buy in
  to this theory, but one of my roommates does, so I feel obliged to
  defend it a bit.