Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Enterprise to Star Fleet Command
From: (David E Hollingsworth)
Date: 1990-10-09, 10:50

In article <>, (Patrick J. LoPresti) writes:
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|> PUTNAM-L@OSU-20.IRCC.OHIO-STATE.EDU (Lee Putnam) writes:
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|> > -Lynch has entered the realm of sci-fi and that is great. I now intend to sit
|> > back and watch many of you bicker about the "absurdity" of TP.
|> Entering the realm of sci-fi is fine, as long as it's GOOD sci-fi.  The
|> "message from outer space" scene, with Cooper's awe-struck "Oh, my God"
|> could have come from any bad B movie.

Oh, come off it!  Lynch makes fun of soap operas the first season (Cooper says
something like "I only have two questions: who shot J.R....", _Invitation to Love_,
etc.) and it is acceptable to most people.

In the second season he satirizes (bad, as you say) sci-fi (the giant, the space
aliens, BOB, the log's starting to sound like a bad "Twilight Zone"
episode, actually) and everyone suddenly starts taking him seriously.  Didn't
the very first scene of the season opener clue you in at all; take all this
stuff with a grain of salt.
|> IM(not so)HO, Lynch has gravely misjudged his audience in throwing this
|> trash at us.  No longer just adding spice, the supernatural has taken
|> over the show.

Perhaps he has misjudged the audience.  My guess is that he felt that after the
first season he would have an audience that would be able to roll with the punches
without crying uncle.
|> Aside from one-liners, Twin Peaks just isn't that good this season.

Then don't watch it and quit whining.
|> -Pat
|> "Has anyone seen Bob on earth in the last few weeks?"