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Subject: Re: Enterprise to Star Fleet Command
From: (Pete Zakel)
Date: 1990-10-09, 14:00
Newsgroups: (Patrick J. LoPresti) writes:
> >Entering the realm of sci-fi is fine, as long as it's GOOD sci-fi.  The
> >"message from outer space" scene, with Cooper's awe-struck "Oh, my God"
> >could have come from any bad B movie.

Huh?  Exactly why do you assume the message comes from outer space?

Do you assume that because the Margaret can hear her log that dead wood has
a soul?  The message came form a computer that was connected to a radio
receiver that happened to be pointed up.  The message could have originated
from 2 feet above the receiver, from within the receiver, or even from
within the computer.

I don't think TP is sci-fi at all, TP is fantasy.  And it *IS* good fantasy.
Actually, by television standards it is *GREAT* fantasy.

It is at the same time a GREAT spoof on the soap-opera genre.  It is also,
in my humble opinion, Art.  As opposed to most TV fare, which is Schlock.

-Pete Zakel
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