Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Harry Truman did it (here I go again)
From: 6sigma2@polari.UUCP (Brian Matthews)
Date: 1990-10-09, 23:22

In article <11843@pucc.Princeton.EDU> HARTLEBN@pucc.Princeton.EDU writes:
|For those of you with VCR's ....

I just rewatched the episode, specifically looking for the things you
mention.  While I won't argue that Harry didn't do it, I don't see
the clues you see.  Specifically:

|  - Ronette stares off into the distance and has blurry vision when we
|    visit her in the hospital. The sketches of suspects are held by Cooper
|    so as to unknowingly block Truman's face from her view.

Sort of.  The sketches don't really block Truman's face, but Ronette has
trouble focusing on the pictures, so I could easily believe that even
though Harry was in the room and in sight, Ronette might not have seen

|  - You can hear her yelling "shhshsh"  "trtrr" What do you think she's saying?

I played this a number of times.  I don't hear "shshsh", and each time
she says "tr", it's followed by an ay or ee sound, as in train or tree.
It's definitely not "tru" as in Truman.

|  - Top shelf, behind some books, Truman's office. See the Black and white
|    picture, the one that looks a great deal like the sketches of Bob. Hmm.

It also looks a lot like any black-and-white picture of someone with long
hair and no bangs.  Also, from Cooper's point of view, the picture
should be right behind Harry and more visible than to the camera.
Wouldn't Cooper find it odd that Harry has a picture of BOB on his

|  - What is that necklace Harry is wearing? It was not there before, and it is
|    most definately meant to be seen this season.

I guess I hadn't noticed that it wasn't there before.  It may mean
something or it may not.

|      Look here, anybody who has any of TP on tape, I offer a friendly
|         challenge. Watch it, pretending you know that Harry is the killer.
|            When you find yourself complimenting Lynch/Frost on having put
|              all of these clues in so early, then you'll see the light.

Sorry, I tried, and while I don't necessarily think it isn't Truman,
I don't see the clues you see.

One clue I do see, but haven't seen mentioned yet (except when I
mentioned it earlier :-)), is: did Cooper ever tell Truman about
his visit from the giant?  I've watched the premier twice, the second
time specifically looking for it, and couldn't find it.  He told
Truman about his dream, why not the vision/dream/visitation from the
-- Brian L. Matthews blm@6sceng.UUCP