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Subject: Re: Misc. things...
From: (Paul Asente)
Date: 1990-10-09, 16:37

Time to go out on a limb here...

We know that Leland knew someone who looked like Killer Bob as a child.
Killer Bob's only appearances have been in visions/dreams.  Ronnette reacted
  strongly to the picture, but we have no evidence that she ever actually saw
  him.  Assuming the dream at the end of episode 1 was hers and not Cooper's,
  we know that she did see him in the vision.
According to Cooper, it's possible to be a psychic "sender."

New Theory:
Leland was molested as a child by someone who looked like Killer Bob.  He
himself had been molesting Laura (and possibly Ronnette?).  Killer Bob is
his "mental image" of himself as a molester and, (inadvertantly?) in Laura's
case, a murderer.  His grief and madness are projecting this image to everyone
who can receive it.

I still like my theory from last year that Laura found out something
damaging about Josie's past and that she hired Leo to kill Laura, thus
explaining the still unexplained opening shot of the first movie.  Can both
of these be true?  Maybe Leo couldn't/didn't finish it and it was only
coincidence that Leland happened by/followed them and ended up killing Laura.

	-paul asente

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