Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: More Circumstantial Evidence that Leland did it (10/6)
From: (Capt. Frank A. Lauro)
Date: 1990-10-09, 15:52
Newsgroups: (Patricia O Tuama) writes:

} >In article <> (Chris Lang) writes:
} >>This certainly seems to be what comes to mind after the last episode.  The
} >>only trouble is that even if Leland has a split personality, 

} >Given that the concept of a "split personality" was invented by 
} >Hollywood and does not exist in real life, it almost seems rather 
} >pointless to speculate on who has one and why.....

You obviously know nothing about abnormal psychology.  Multiple personality
disorder is a very rare neurosis, but it most certainly does exist outside
Hollywood (or the Great Northwest, for that matter).  Check out the DSM-III-R
(Diagnostic Statistical Manual Mark III - Revised) of psychology for an exact
description.  The movies and the tube may have their statistics wrong about
the frequency of MP Disorder (and how 'bout amnesia? Puh-leeez!), but the
condition itself is entirely fact-based.

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