Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Opportunity and Motive (Analysis)
From: horny@ucscb.UCSC.EDU (Heather Vinopal)
Date: 1990-10-09, 20:16

In article <> (Curtis Hill) writes:
> >Well, I sat down the other night and thought this thing out a bit.
> >I looked for motive and opportunity.  What I got was this:
> >1)  The murderer had to have freedom to roam

Doesn't everyone?  Even Donna can sneak out her window for a night.

> >2)  The murderer had to have a boat

nah. Anyone could have dumped the body in the river.

> >3)  The murderer had to want to kill Laura

wrong. It could be self defense.  Don't laugh.  Laura speaks of a challenge
in the diary.  Laura could have forced him to kill her.  It's Possible.

> >4)  The murderer had to be "badder" than Leo

wrong.  Period.

> >5)  The murderer knew Josie

wrong.  Not necessarily.

> >Why?
> >1)  The murderer was out for 2+ hours in the middle of the night.
> >    You have to be able to do this easily.  

Nah.  It was a special occasion.  Anyone could do it.

> >2)  Laura's body was found on the shore of a lake.  It wasn't washed
> >    up there.  The murderer had to have a boat to get it there.
> >    Well, a boat would be the easiest thing to use.

wrong.  It was washed up.  They say so.  Anyway, if you were right 
Coop would be looking for boat owners.  It could have been dumped by 
boat, but it doesn't have to have been.  It's a river not a lake.

> >3)  Murders have a reason.  Random violence is rare.  Especially in
> >    the Great Northwest.

Lots of people could have had reasons.  Even Laura.  I don't think 
it was random violence.

> >4)  Jacques was stabbed at the cabin and collasped outside.  Then Leo
> >    left.  A normal mode of action would be to take Laura and Ronnette
> >    near their homes.  However, he left by himself.  There are only a
> >    few characters with enough authority to get Leo out of there.

Nah. Jacques was his over the head with a whiskey bottle.  Laura and 
Ronette were gone when he awoke.  At least that's what he says. :)

> >5)  In episode #0, Josie knew something bad was going to be discovered
> >    when Pete left the house.


> >Whodunit?  Ben.

Ben is a very good candidate for alot of reasons, but not these.

> >Ben had freedom of motion.  Additionally, he seems to never sleep.

Lucy has freedom of motion.  What makes you think Ben doesn't sleep?

> >The supposition:  Laura had learned from Josie that Josie and Ben were
> >                  out to get the mill.  Josie tells Ben.  Something has
> >                  to be done.

yeah.  that could work.  Laura knew alot about Ben, well at least enough
that she says, "I'm going to have to tell the world about Benjamin."
The fact that Laura knew too much about Ben is a clear motive for her
murder.  I'm not going to repost the many reasons why Ben is a good candidate.

> > Ben can make Leo go away.

Good point.  Ben does have power over Leo, and furthermore, he could
make him shut up about whatever happened.  But really, if I saw
killer BOB, I'd leave like Leo did too!  Maybe Leo saw killer BOB,
like Ronette did.  Well there are lots of possible reasons why he
could have left, it doesn't have to have been Ben.

> >I'll go with Killer Bob is actually a manifestation of Leland the 
> >molester.  Someone molested him, etc.  This is the psychic part of
> >the show.  Leland followed Laura that night and found her dead.
> >Bob is a red herring.  He didn't do it.  You are driven to believe it,
> >just like in murder mysteries, where the most obvious suspect usually
> >doesn't do it.

So you think Ben killed Laura, and Leland found her dying?  There were 
3 men, not 4 that night.  Ben couldn't have been there if Leland was, 
too.  It's one or the other.

> >The Log?   Margaret's husband.  That could explain the computer message,
> >if you buy the psychic/ghost aspect of the show.

I posted the message saying Log = Margarets husband = Giant = tree
so you won't get any argument here.  :)  (see pg. 47 of diary)

> >That's long enough.  Of course, I have two other good theories, but
> >I like this one best.
> >Curtis Hill
> >

Keep the theories comin!  Lets hear the other ones you have!
Ben is my #2 candidate after Leland for BOB/3rd man.