Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: TP: Confusion about Mill ledgers
From: (Brad May)
Date: 1990-10-09, 12:27
Reply-to: bmay@news.UUCP (Brad May)

In article (Robert Steven Glickstein) writes:
> >Could someone explain to me what's going on with the Mill ledgers?
> >Ben says that the real one "masterminded by Catherine" shows the Mill
> >sliding into bankruptcy.  The fake one, according to Ben, shows the
> >Mill turning a healthy profit.

My understanding is that Catherine has been embezzling money from the mill 
for some time now; that's the "masterminded by Catherine" part.  In the 
meantime, she has a fake set of books that show the mill making a profit 
to keep Josie from getting suspicious.  After they burn the mill down, 
they produce the real set of books showing the mill going bankrupt to make 
it look like the Josie burned the mill down to get the insurance money.  

Maybe they would even make sure Josie had the fake books in her possesion 
to give to the insurance company.  They could then produce the real books 
(and of course point out where the fake books were faked, since they know 
where to look 8^) ), to insure Josie is sent to jail for fraud.