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Subject: Re: TWIN PEAKS Second Season Premiere - THE GIANT's VOICE
From: (Peter B. Hayward)
Date: 1990-10-09, 08:49

In article <> (Jan Bielawski) writes:
> >In article <> (Clay Luther) writes:
> ><
> > > > > >
> >	Not here.  The giant's voice stayed at the same volume throughout.
> >I suspect the fade in/out effect had something to do with the surround
> >encoding.  Maybe it tricked some cable boxes into raising/lowering the
> >volume. 
> >

For those tracking the sound drops (which also occurred in the first
season), I have been able to establish the following.

The giant's voice did *not* drop out as viewed on a Rochester, New
York cable system. The voice *did* drop in the Chicago area on *both*
cable and over-the-air broadcasts.

So, I am pretty certain it is not a Lynch trick. Perhaps it has
something to do with the network satellite feed to the midwest (and
maybe points west.)

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