Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Twin Peaks Hotline
From: (John Jay Feiler)
Date: 1990-10-09, 17:04

In today's (10/9/90) Star news (Pasasdena local paper), there was a small
article about the Twin Peaks Hotline.  It is one of those 900-number,$2 for
the first minute, $1 for each add'l minute thingies.  

Supposedly, Lucy, Andy, and Dr Haywood will be making recorded statements
about the previus weeks show.  In addition, an unidentified mystery man
(BOB ?!?!?) will "disclose new information and clues on events that will
likely arise."  

A portion of the revenue generated will be donated to environmental

The number is (900) 860-0911.

So, is anyone out there going to call, then post any interesting tidbits?

	John Feiler