Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: UFO Interpol & Quantum Fiziks & Co
From: jprince@cdp.UUCP
Date: 1990-10-09, 17:26

ok heres my theory on the UFO thing, its not fully developed yet so
everyone is free to take it and run with it as far as it will hold water.

Anybody seen the movie or better yet read the book "communion"?
 Just as there maybe the "manchurian candidate" connection to Peaks,
I suggest that there maybe a communion connection, this way
Lucy being impregnated by aliens is more likely or at least possible.

In communion the UFO were actually or rather possibly ourselves or
our possible selves pulling us towards a new yet undefined consciousness.
Its not that the UFOs were not "real" its that it didnt matter because the
effect was certainly the same either way.  and possibly even physically real as well

Could cooper be unconsciously psychic to use an antiquated term.  
A lot of very physical things become possible once you start accepting
the quantum paradigm and forgeting the BS about there's supposedly
a difference between the inside of your head and the outside.
We know that Cooper is in to the Tibet thing and knows the history
of that magically wild place.  Being open to that history might
open himself up to bringing in the UFO Interpol to work on
the twin peaks case whether consciously or intentionally.

For inspiration along these lines and concepts please read a book called
"beyond the quantum" or something close to that title.

so what do you think?
-jonathan prince