Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Wah-riors, come out to play-ay...
From: (Pete Harlan)
Date: 1990-10-09, 14:14
Newsgroups: (Dennis Doubleday) writes:

> >It's not really a valid reason, but I also suspected him because of
> >external associations--the actor, David Patrick Kelly, always plays
> >anti-social creeps, most memorably in "The Warriors."

Quite memorably, except that was James Remar, not David Patrick Kelly.
I made the mistake myself when I first saw him on TP.  Both actors
were in 48 Hrs., so I'll have to rent it and compare them.  Mr. Kelly
was also in "The Misfit Brigade", which I've not seen (and a small
part in Wild at Heart, and thus very possibly other Lynch films.)

James Remar has been in Band of the Hand, The Cotton Club, 48 Hrs,
Quiet Cool, Rent-a-Cop, The Warriors, and Windwalker.

I didn't pick the nit until I'd seen it twice,

Pete Harlan
"Why'd you shoot him?"  "No reeaasson..."  -- James Remar, The Warriors