Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Another Theory
From: (David Hafken)
Date: 1990-10-10, 00:31

Okay, here's another theory as to WKLP, or at least I haven't heard it in 
a while.

Right now, I must say that Leland leads my list, but as someone has pointed
out, one problem is why would he have killed Theresa Banks? Why would he be
a serial killer?

So, after the first episode this season, a new possibilty spring to mind:
the one-armed man!  Although it might seem implausable, consider this:

in episode #1, season #2, we discover a potential link between shoes and drugs.
The one-armed man sells shoes -- I think he most probably is involved in this 
drug ring, and if he is, then he certainly might have had the chance to know
Laura, and even T.B. if she was involved in drugs and/or OEJ's.  And he 
travels quite a bit too.  I haven't thought this all out yet, and until his
link with drugs, therefore Leo/Ben/OEJ's/etc.. pans out, my money is still 
elsewhere.  But at least it's something else to think about...
(and it's not one of those completely insulting theories like Andy did it! --
I couldn't believe that one was actually written!)