Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: ESP paranormal, etc.
From: Thane E. Plambeck 
Date: 1990-10-10, 00:36
To: plambeck@neon.Stanford.EDU

One might think naively that to distinguish between what is ESP, paranormal,
bigfoot, kirlian photography etc and what is science, say fourier series,
superconductivity or anil's thesis would be a difficult thing but we know
it to be trivial.  Only in the lower reaches of the prole press (national
enquirer) do we encounter any confusion about what's what, and this only
in the context of appropriating the scientist's authority for headlining
(``Top researchers baffled by Zebra's Haiku'')  I own a two volume
``research study'' on Bigfoot but the emphasis throughout is on what is
unknown or mysterious about the creature, and not on what evidence,
even if fabricated, really exists.  for example many pages are devoted
to ``possible sightings,'' but none to ``sightings.''  there are big
apes and the lines are not long at the zoo---but this is irrelevant
because it is the unknown dimension that we are being asked to respond to.
let's agree then on this point and move on.  taking a closer look
at the UFO, extra-t's etc. in our culture reveals some interesting points
(next message if I continue typing....)