Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Misc. Info
Date: 1990-10-10, 06:01

hallyb at (John Hallyburton) writes...
>> >> Bobby didn't have any drugs at the time.
 So what did he plant in James' gas tank?

 Other stuff...

   I saw David Lynch on the cover of Soap Opera Weekly and, after screaming
"How can they put Twin Peaks in the same magazine that covers As The World
Turns?,"  I read the article inside.  Among other info (which is actually
fairly interesting... worth checking out if you can stand to be seen with the
magazine), it said that Ian Buchanan, who was on (I think) Days of Our Lives or
 some such soap, would soon be joining the cast of TP as Dick Tremain, a
manager at Horne's Department Store who would vy with Andy for the attentions
of Lucy.  The obvious conclusion here (and one drawn by the magazine) is that
he's the father of the little Moran bun-in-the-oven.  Of course, the father
could be someone else entirely, and Lucy could be just trying to find someone
respectable to take responsibility for it (as she seemingly did with Andy).
Oooh, what secrets is Lucy hiding?

Was it just me, or did Albert's line in the opening scene of the second episode
 about Jacques being suffocated and not strangled seem to be a frantic attempt
to play catch-up? ("Hey David! I was just reading and BOY, did
we ever screw up!")

Well, the old Donna's back, and the sunglasses are nowhere to be seen.  Any

Jeez, James's helium-breathing voice aside, who wrote the LYRICS for that damn
song? ("Juuuuust youuuuuu, aaaaaand IIIIII, togeeeether, in looooooove.")

According to Norma, the Log Lady was chewing "sticky pitch gum." (In response
to the poster who asked)

And WHY can't I find the Secret Diaries or "Diane...." ANYWHERE in my town?
Does anyone have any info on when the TP coffee, pie, etc. is supposed to be
coming out?

--Beth J.

"Marshmallows? Ben, where are those hickory sticks?"