Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: One Armed Mike Gerard
From: (A NEW User)
Date: 1990-10-10, 20:31

Let's take a look at this guy.  

    o   We see him in the pilot, in an elevator before Coop meets Jacoby.
        Don't blink or you'll miss it.

    o   he appears in coops dream.  Introduces BOB in it, has a tatoo
        that reads BOB.  He takes his whole arm off.  Knows
        about travel between the two worlds of twin peaks.  Mike knows
        about BOB,  "his name is BOB" , and BOB knows about Mike too.
        "are you there Mike?".

    o   Runs away when Hawk pursues him in the hospital.  Why?  Hmm.
        Anyone have any fun guesses?  Before he escapes hawk, he 
        looks up.  Just before looking at the exit sign, he looks 
        at a sign that reads:
        OXYGEN STORAGE     <--------->         MORGUE

        it is unclear if he leaves through the exit, or into the morgue.
        Hawk checks the exit and sees nothing.
     o  I wonder if he was on the floor to tamper with the body in 
        the morgue.  Perhaps attempting to insert/remove the letter,
        or do something spiritual with it or just examine the body.
        Pretty wild speculation huh.  :)  He says he was there
        to visit Bob Lydecker in a coma, who got decked outside a 
        bar the night Laura died.  (I think that's right.)

     o  We see him in an (IMHO) extremely unconvincing interrogation
        at the motel.  He hesitates on most questions.  He says
        he was going, "ohh.... somewhere"  when he lost his arm
        in a car accident (uh huh yeah sure).  He says he was 
        selling PHARMACEUTICALS  (without chemicals he points?  I wonder).
        During a drug deal, Leo says he needs a new pair of shoes, 
        and this guy has got 'em.  I think he's a major drug connection.
        (authorities find a new boot with drugs at Leo's)

     o  Mike is attempting to talk with authorities.   (either without
        chemicals he points, or he's "ready now to speak".  Leland
        is probably the latter.)  I wonder what he'll say?  Perhaps
        he was filling all of Ben's departmental needs?  Or something
        about BOB?

     o  We see Mike in the preview, in severe pain in a bathroom stall.
        Is he without chemicals and hurting from withdrawal?
        Or is BOB terrorizing him?   Note that it could be both,
        since Laura found that drugs helped her deal with BOB.
        I didn't see any obvious wounds on Mike.

Unless BOB = One Armed Mike, there isn't mention of Mike in the diary.
Lets take a look at the idea of BOB hanging out inside Mike, even if
that wasn't the point of this post.  Mike probably will just lead us
to him.  It's possible I suppose, even if OAM had one arm and BOB had two.

Mike traveled around, it's more conceivable that he was in another 
part of the state than it is for some others.  As pointed out above 
Mike likely was a high level drug connection, this would connect him 
to leo/jacques.  He might have connections to fleshworld.  In an earlier
message I post why I think Theresa has a fleshworld connection,  
(from the secret diary)  this would connect Theresa, Laura, Leo, Jacques,
and Mike, justifying his appearance at both crimes.  Coops dream establishes 
a possible connection between BOB and mike.
Eh.  It could work.  I'll stick to Leland/Ben.  I DO think that there
is something very major up with Mike, in terms of his relationship
with drugs and especially BOB.  If you have the tapes, take a look
at that morgue/oxygen storage sign and let me know what you think.

Michael Kaye
"I knew that coke was a problem, but it was nothing next to BOB."  --Laura