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Subject: Re: "One chants out between two worlds..."
Date: 1990-10-10, 06:44
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|>|My impression of the poem Mike relates is:
|>|	In the darkness of future past
|>|	the magician longs to see
|>|	one chance out between two worlds
|>|	fire walk with me.
|>|I reran the tape four or five times to get this impression.
|>|That doesn't make it a certainty, though.
|>"One chance out" and "one chants out" sound very similar, but
|>"one chants out" makes a lot more sense.
|>Brian L. Matthews	blm@6sceng.UUCP

Brian, consider this: Laura is a *very* troubled little girl. She desparately
wants a way
out of her situation. Twin Peaks certainly seems to a meeting place of two
worlds. In
this context, "One chance out" make *much* more sense.

Pierre is "studying magic." Laura is friendly with Pierre. It's possible that
Pierre taught
Laura a ritual that would get her out of her fix...I *don't* think Pierre is

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