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Subject: Re: Calm speculation (was Re: Wild Speculation)
From: horny@ucscl.UCSC.EDU (A NEW User)
Date: 1990-10-10, 18:15

In article <15931@bfmny0.BFM.COM> tneff@bfmny0.BFM.COM (Tom Neff) writes:
> >In article (Brian L. Kahn) writes:
[who would be surprising to jennifer lynch?]

> >Anyone for Doc Hayward as the killer?  He might have resented Laura's
> >bad influence on his daughter.

Doc Hayward is the most terrifying, yet conceivable choice for BOB.
I've eliminated out of hand all of the female characters for many reasons.
Since we're talking about Jennifer Lynch I'll talk about this from a
secret diary perspective.  So don't give me a bad time about looking
at the diary so much this article. :)
Interesting things about Doc Hayward include

       1)  He oversaw the birth of Laura Palmer, knew her as she grew up.
       2)  Laura Palmer practically worshipped him.  He is 
           portrayed as being the most wholly good character in Twin
           Peaks  (Donna comes very close).
       3)  Dr. Hayward, along with Ben, press for the autopsy to be
           cut short.
       4)  (pg 357) "[the abortion doctor] shook my hand.  The rubber
           glove reminded me of something, was it BOB?"  --Laura
           (hey!  Was Leland wearing a rubber glove when he offed Jacques?)

Anyway #2 is mentioned several times in the diary, and is the reason
why I think of Doc Hayward is one of the most terrifying choices.
The idea of such an aparently good man doing all the horrible things
BOB does to Laura in the diary really makes me want to retch.  Even
more than the idea of her own father doing it to her.

Doc Hayward knew her and saw her regularly from birth... which fits 
with the idea of BOB.  Ben, Leland, and Doc are the main people who 
fit this criterion offhand.  (Ben favored Laura over her own Daughter,
buys her a horse, sings to her, etc...).  Jennifer Lynch knew the killer,
said that studying the diary might reveal the killer, so I think the
killer would have had more than a passing reference in the diary.
(Truman for instance gets no serious mention beyond being contacted
 about Laura's lost cat, and saying "poor truman" referring to Josie's
dark side. Yes I had to get that crack in about the truman theorists. :)

Dr. Hayward still is an extreme dark horse candidate, and I would
be utterly shocked if BOB was in him.  Yeesh the thought is terrifying.
I think Leland would have been just as surprising a choice to Jennifer
as Dr. Hayward though.  

uncle horny's BOB list:   1)leland  2) ben  3) dr. hayward

Michael Kaye