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Subject: Re: creamed corn!
From: spass@midas.WR.TEK.COM (Spass Stoiantcschewsky)
Date: 1990-10-10, 11:51

In some article Mark Miller writes:
> >... Lucy's character sure was put into a different light.
> >First, the dumbness not to let that call to Truman through - WE know
> >that was an important call (I'm betting it was Leland calling to say
> >he knew who BOB was). And then how she got preggers even though Andy's
> >equipment ain't working.

	[mumble...quotes someone else about space aliens]

> >Geez ... I don't know about adding that bit. I suppose it's possible
> >that the Major's equipment just picked up on some heavy psychic
> >activity, but if this ends up being Plan 10 from Outer Space, I
> >think people will be really pissed off.

damn, i think i'd be more than a little concerned if my "equipment" 
picked up "heavy psychic activity." i mean men *do* get led astray
by their gear, but psychic activity *is* a bit much.  the major 
seems rather calm about this...and just how do you spool *that* to 
a printer...i think you are off the track.

seriously, all lynch is doing in this scene is saying "the major 
had a message that he wanted to deliver to cooper, but didn't want
cooper to ask any questions about where the message came from".  heck
for all we know, the major's job is picking latrines in a classified 
installation.  Cooper as an FBI agent does not necessarily have a 
clearance of any if the major won't tell his son what he
does for a living (i mean, listening to space chatter is pretty 
innocuous...) why the heck would he tell cooper?  the major does not
strike me as the security risk type...  so what does the major do to
deliver the message?  he makes up a bogus job (space-ear) and creates
a bogus document with the text of the message imbedded in it...cooper
acts naturally, he recognizes the message, and doesn't ask questions.
somebody is "reminding" cooper of this message.

i kind of buy into the theory that "the owls are not what they seem"
actually refers to people in the woods signalling to each other by
hooting.  i would also link the giant into this group.  why?...

imagine that besides the bullet wound, cooper has sustained a mild
concussion--he wasn't in the hospital all that long, and the wound
was the clear injury, so it might have been missed...

	a wound serious enough to incapacitate you to the point that
	you can't seek help on your own is also serious enough to keep
	you in the hospital for more than 8 hrs...

	a flesh wound in conjunction with a concussion would probably
	wipe you out for a few hours, but you'ld probably be pretty
	functional in the morning...but you could be subject to
	fainting spells.

	cooper could (and must have) hit his head on the floor after
	being shot, we watched him regain consciousness...

lynch is yanking our chain a little.  the scene with the giant is
neither a dream or a vision, but rather it is an experience that cooper
is having while on the edge of losing consciousness.  as cooper "wakes",
the giant seems to fade in (and so do the lights), as he passes out,
the giant fades out with the lights.  we know the giant is physically
real because we see him take cooper's ring...  the same occurs for the
second appearance of the giant, but this time cooper is asleep--the giant
is shown before cooper is awake, and cooper awakes to the lights (which
to him "fade in").  As for the flash of light as the giant disappears,
my guess is that cooper has a "glitch" due to his concussion, and passes

lynch delivers this imagery in the "third person", or as a dream cooper
has of the experience.  thus we don't see it all out of cooper's eyes,
but as a camera in the room, as cooper is trying to recollect what he

simply stated, the giant just walked into the room and walked out,
but we don't ever see that because cooper never saw it.  

if this is what lynch is doing, it is a masterpiece of delivery.
then again, overly analyzing these twin peaks episodes is a hazard
beyond all imagining...enjoy them...but i expect that lynch will have
a resolution to all this that is firmly rooted in reality, so i'm striving
to justify these things without star trek or voodoo tie ins.

> >And I guess Shelly and Bobby will live of Leo's insurance and "hang
> >donuts from his ears". Ain't young love wonderful?

i'm looking forward to seeing Leo regain consciousness with donuts
hanging on his ears.  

> >I think Leland's reaction to BOB's picture, and Ronnette's recollection
> >kind of let Leland off the hook. Which doesn't make him any more sane.
> >Maybe it's Coop's ex-partner. Sheesh what a mess.

no way it's cooper's ex-partner, cooper would have recognized him from
his dreams/visions of BOB.  Cooper's ex-partner is the next major story

contrary to popular opinion, i think laura's murder is nearing a solution.
i think leland is out of the picture, as are leo, jacques, bobby and shelly
(leo *will* wake up with donuts hanging on his ears in some later episode).
ben and jerry are both slippery characters but i don't think they are the 
ones.  next week's preview showed the OAM slumped in a latrine "hey, Andy
what's that smell?" "it the OAM!" "hey, Lucy? how did the OEM get in the
police latrine?" "oh, he's been waiting here for two days, and starved to

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