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Subject: Re: Did Episode 1...
From: (... Mok.)
Date: 1990-10-10, 09:12

In article <> (Kathleen Hunt) writes:
> >*Andy goes from lovable bumbler to total moron: scene with roll of tape, 
> >*talk with Lucy "They informed me I was sterile which I thought meant I 
> >*didn't need to take a bath." (aprox. quote).  SHEESH!  Same for Lucy. 
> >*Note after she pulls tape off Andy's head she is still trying to get it 
> >*off her own fingers when scene cuts.  Also where she hangs up on caller.  
> >*Some of this is funny, my point is that all the deveopment of these char-
> >*acters is scrapped and they become one-dimensional stereotypes.
> >
> >I totally agree with this.  I was really annoyed by some scenes in the

  Ummm... I wouldn't put it in quite that way. I view these scence as a break
from the heavy mood in the rest of the show. With Lucy and Andy it is almost
impossible to imagine anything ominous. While their problems may be serious
to them, they break the mood and give us a chance to rest. Much like the clown
scenes in Shakespere's plays. Although I wuldn't intimate that Lynch does
it QUITE as well.

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