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Subject: Re: How Laura died
From: paul@taniwha.UUCP (Paul Campbell)
Date: 1990-10-10, 08:44

In article <> (Charles Blair) writes:
> >   ``Something like...''  Does anyone know exactly what the saws 
> >are shaping in the opening scene?  I don't, but they seem to be rail-
> >shaped objects with sharp teeth, which could have been used.

No - what you are looking at is a saw-sharpening machine - there's a
rotating grindstone being moved around at the right angles to sharpen the
circular blade's teeth.

> >   I've felt for some time there was a reason why Josie closed the
> >mill when she heard of Laura's death.  If she didn't kill Laura, per-
> >haps the killer asked her to hide the implement at the mill, and she
> >didn't at first realize what it had been used for, then decided it
> >needed to be destroyed (or hidden for possible blackmail use) while
> >the mill was deserted.

No I think that the reason that Lynch did that was to help introduce the
characters (and the mill sub-plot) as well as to help show how small
a town TP is (of course we all ended up thinking it's MUCH smaller).

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