Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Lucy's Baby
From: spass@midas.WR.TEK.COM (Spass Stoiantcschewsky)
Date: 1990-10-10, 11:56

In some article Jespah writes:
> > (Chris'n'Vickie of Chicago) writes:
> >*3) Ok, so who's Lucy been sleeping with?
> >*(long, admirably complete list deleted)
> >
> >You forgot some possibilities:
> >3)  Lucy has been impregnated by a space alien, just like on "Star
> >Trek:  The Next Generation" when Counselor Troi was impregnated by
> >a glowing ball of light.

wrong, we already know this could only have been cooper.  we would have
seen the light.  cooper is pregnant.

> >5)  Lucy's lab results were mixed up at the hospital -- actually, it
> >is Donna/Maddy/Norma/Shelly/etc. who is pregnant.

Lucy's lab results got switched with cooper's.


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