Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Misc. things...
From: spass@midas.WR.TEK.COM (Spass Stoiantcschewsky)
Date: 1990-10-10, 12:06

In some article John Hallyburton writes:
-The killer is not Leland.  Logic as follows:  Theresa Banks was killed
-elsewhere in the state.  Nobody in Twin Peaks would commit a second similar
-crime that close to home.  

huh?  and why wouldn't they?

-Of course if you postulate mental illness then
-anybody can be guilty...

duh...i'll buy that.

-"Without chemicals he points" is a reference to Leo.  Logic as follows:
-"Smiling bag" refers to Jacques as we have seen, "Owls" are likely a
-reference to Killer Bob given the owlface in Cooper's dream.  It would
-make sense to identify the 3rd of 3 men involved with Laura the night
-of her death.  This is all the giant's way of telling Cooper the giant
-knows who is involved, and we can expect to see further clarifying (?)
-clues in the future.

um...just how did you tie Leo into this?  you tied jacques, and loosly 
tied BOB in, but there is no underlying logic in the above paragraph...
did you forget to write something...or am i clueless?

-Maybe Audrey's fan club should form a vigilante posse and rescue her
-from OEJs.

i'm in.


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