Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Ronette's Vision
From: oz@hpkslx.mayfield.HP.COM (Kent Ostby)
Date: 1990-10-10, 09:49

My friend was freeze framing through and noticed Bob's hand sitting on
something and sent me this note which I will quote directly:

"After careful review of the videotape, I have concluded without a shadow of
a doubt, that it is in fact ... his knee.  You see, he is squatting next to
the body like a baseball catcher, and his left hand is on his left knee.  
What does it all mean ? Perhaps Bob used to be a major league catcher
(1906 Chicago Cubs?), and is taking out his vengence on ..., well perhaps

So that's how my friend Erik sees it.  BTW, a one hour show sure is short!!!!!

Erik and I re-watched the last episode of the first season immeadiately before
the second season premeire which gave us the three-hour show effect.  That
seemed to be just the right length for an episode of twin-peaks (at least
for a couple of fanatics).  So last week when the normal one hour ended,
it was like "you're kidding, that's it.  What about the next hour".  Oh well.