Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: The Major
From: (Jim Halpin)
Date: 1990-10-10, 06:53

In article <543@adimail.UUCP>, tel@adimail.UUCP (Terry Monks) writes...
> >As far as I can see from reading the newsgroup, everyone accepts
> >what the Major is saying. I think it's possible the Major is as
> >weird as anyone else, why not? After all, what he shows Cooper is
> >what some of us would call his 'log.' So his log has a message for
> >Agent Cooper. There is no real indication that there is a secret
> >installation in Twin Peaks, is there? I cannot recall having seen
> >anyone else in uniform. And people with classified information
> >will (usually) not pass it out, even to repected FBI agents that
> >they have met for the first time in a diner, yet alone remove
> >calssified documents from their place of work. I have to believe
> >this is another red-herring.

	Its not a red-herring and it is also not a clue. Its simply the
second of three 'signs' that the giant told Cooper to look for, so that
Cooper will beleive him in the future. The 3rd sign is 'without chemicals,
he points". After Cooper gets this 3rd sign, the Giant will probably return.

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