Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Twin Peaks Ratings
From: (Chris Lang)
Date: 1990-10-10, 12:57

In article <1990Oct10.151758@cs.Buffalo.EDU> mathews@cs.Buffalo.EDU (Ryan D Mathews) writes:
> >
> >In article <1990Oct10.183408.25351@Neon.Stanford.EDU>, anderson@Neon.Stanford.EDU (Jennifer-Ann Anderson) writes:
>> >> According to today's San Francisco Chronicle, the 10/6 episode of Twin Peaks
>> >> came in 68th in the ratings (for the week ending 10/7).
> >
> >Then we are very likely looking at the last year of this program. Unless...

I heard today on the radio that ABC is contemplating moving Twin Peaks to
Wednesday nights, which are currently rather weak (can you say "Cop Rock"?).
I wouldn't really care too much for this change (I LIKE being able to look
forward to Saturday nights for more than the regular reason!), but if it
helps the show in the ratings, I guess I can't complain; better TP at a
bad time than none at all!

> >I don't think the ratings are that accurate, in term of the show's worth to
> >the network. I've heard TP has "good demographics", that, although it
> >consistently loses the ratings war overall, it wins in the young person's
> >division.

I heard the same thing, and that the show does well in the 18-49 age
group, too.  By the way, the same TV critic who I heard this from thinks
that whats-his-name who wrote the "BOB had handcuffs" piece is just a bit
silly, too.  :-)

Also interesting was the comment made that a lot of TP viewers seem to be
former Trekkies.  The critic said this wasn't necessarily the case, but
that they are certainly as fervent in their dedication, and that TP
generates more emotional mail to him than any other show... no surprise

> >Suffice it to say that if ABC decides it doesn't want it anymore, syndication
> >companies will be lined up at the door of Lynch/Frost.

Ick.  I'd rather see a mini-series or a movie (someone said Frost had said
they'd make a movie if the second season wasn't picked up -- was this a
made-for-TV movie, or a motion picture?).

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