Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Twin Peaks Ratings
From: robertj@Autodesk.COM (Young Rob Jellinghaus)
Date: 1990-10-10, 20:44

In article <> (Chris Lang) writes:
> >I heard today on the radio that ABC is contemplating moving Twin Peaks to
> >Wednesday nights, which are currently rather weak (can you say "Cop Rock"?).
> >I wouldn't really care too much for this change (I LIKE being able to look
> >forward to Saturday nights for more than the regular reason!), but if it
> >helps the show in the ratings, I guess I can't complain; better TP at a
> >bad time than none at all!


> >Also interesting was the comment made that a lot of TP viewers seem to be
> >former Trekkies.  The critic said this wasn't necessarily the case, but
> >that they are certainly as fervent in their dedication, and that TP
> >generates more emotional mail to him than any other show... no surprise
> >there!

I don't know... Twin Peaks taps into a vein of TV fanaticism very close to 
Trekkishness, but the shows are different enough that I'd doubt a dispro-
portionately large number of Trekkies are watching.  Soap operas, now, I
know lots of soap watchers who've caught on.  Although Twin Peaks is, I
would say, weirder than Star Trek ever was, and _way_ more demented than any
soap that ever was.  God, what a _damn_ good show!  (TV guide ad this week
for Saturday nights:  _Twin Peaks_:  Damn good TV--and hot, too!)

> >Ick.  I'd rather see a mini-series or a movie (someone said Frost had said
> >they'd make a movie if the second season wasn't picked up -- was this a
> >made-for-TV movie, or a motion picture?).

Made-for-TV movie, from everything I heard.  

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