Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Various odd thoughts...
From: duane@thismoment.EBay.Sun.COM (Duane Day)
Date: 1990-10-10, 10:30

In article <> (Chris'n'Vickie of Chicago) writes:
> >2) Here in Chicago the opening credits were different than usual. The
> >   shot of the bird and the sawblades were cut out. Was it that way
> >   everywhere? If so, could it have been a reference to the mill
> >   burning down? No mill-no sawblades.

I don't think the explanation for this is so lofty.  I've noticed before
that they trim the beginning of the credits when they have a particularly
long series of "previously on Twin Peaks" scenes to show.  (And I thought
that sequence, mostly scenes from the season-opener, was done really well
with the Giant's voice dubbed over clips from Ronette's nightmare.)

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