Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Stuff
From: (Kathleen Hunt)
Date: 1990-10-10, 00:28

Some stuff...

1)  Yes, that creamed corn scene terrified me, too.  At first I thought
it was just character development -- the old lady being a complaining,
picky eater and Donna having to play along with her to placate her --
and then ZAP!  The plate is squeaky clean!  Pretty alarming.

2)  As to what happened to the background music:  Bobby turned it off!
Right after a commercial break, Bobby and Shelly are in the car, and the
background music is there, as usual.  Bobby says something like "let's
find some better music" and changes the radio station!  I thought that
was pretty slick.  Took me a minute to realize what had happened.

3)  No, the "horns" of an owl are not its ears.  Its actual ears are on
the side of its face, roughly where we'd expect its "cheeks" to be.  They
seem to be covered with feathers, but actually the feathers are perfectly
designed to funnel noise to the ears -- in fact, the flat faces owls 
seem to have is really due to the feathers funneling sound to the ears.
It's like their faces are parabolic antennas.  This is esp. true of the
barn owl...the "ear tufts" Great Horned Owls have are of uncertain
significance; may be behavioral (used in signalling mood or in species
recognition or some such thing...)

4)  Seems to me TP's strength is in the process, in the development of
the plot.  We shouldn't expect too much of a zinger at the denouement,
esp. since it seems to me Lynch often has a problem wrapping up his
ideas (like for instance in _Blue_Velvet_ & _Wild_At_Heart_, which
IMHO have contrived, they-lived-happily-ever-after endings,
sorta the "Mo-Better-Blues syndrome")  Enjoy it while it's here.
Actually I was kind of sorry TP got renewed because I think it'll lose
its intensity over the long haul.  A miniseries format suits TP better.

5)  Can someone fill me in on the European version?

6)  What about Invitation to Love?  For a while I was trying to find
parallels with the main TP plot (Montana=Leo, Jade/Emerald=Laura/Maddy, 
etc.; Chet shoots Montana when Hank shoots Leo, and so on) but now 
we seem to have missed a day.

7)  Once again *what were the owls the Log Lady mentioned?* 

8)  What was the log lady chewing?  Was it some sort of *gum*?
Life without a VCR is rough sometimes.