Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: What's not to understand? (ledgers)
From: (Ryan D Mathews)
Date: 1990-10-10, 01:20

In article (Robert Steven Glickstein) writes:
> >it doesn't make any sense even as a lie.  "The real ledger, masterminded
> >by Catherine..."  You don't mastermind a real ledger, you mastermind a
> >phony ledger.  Real ledgers just happen.

That's not what Ben said. He said "The real ledger shows the mill
slowly sinking into bankruptcy, masterminded by Catherine." I.e., the
bankrupting of the mill was Catherine's work, not the ledger. That
ledger would expose what Catherine was up to.

Just for clarification, the Horne brothers are torn between two good
1) Burn the fake ledger. The real ledger exposes Catherine, taking
suspicion off the brothers Horne.
2) Burn the real ledger. The fake ledger shows the mill making a hefty
profit, and as such, the land would be worth more. (Or at least that's
how I understand it; I don't know beans about real estate.)

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