Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: 1st episode of the new season (what else?)
From: paul@taniwha.UUCP (Paul Campbell)
Date: 1990-10-11, 10:24

In article <15529@reed.UUCP> minar@reed.bitnet (Nelson Minar) writes:
> >
> >Several questions come to mind from the new episode of Twin Peaks:
> >
> >Broken Heart necklace - they carefully showed 3 shots of the broken heart
> >  necklace in a row, each time the necklace was on a different sort of cord
> >  (the new one was a piece of thin black rope, if I remember correctly)
> >  Are they getting REALLY sloppy with continuity?

Maybe it's on purpose - maybe EVERY time they have shown the heart
it has been on a different sort of cord. Either as a joke/red herring
or to indicate the hearts 'power' of some sort.

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