Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Opportunity and Motive (Analysis)
From: jake@pangea.Stanford.EDU (Jake Lowenstern)
Date: 1990-10-11, 12:40

In article <14740005@hpfcso.HP.COM> raj@hpfcso.HP.COM (Bob Jewett) writes:
>>> >>>2)  Laura's body was found on the shore of a lake.  It wasn't washed
>>> >>>    up there.  The murderer had to have a boat to get it there.
>>> >>>    Well, a boat would be the easiest thing to use.
>> >>
>> >> wrong.  It was washed up.  They say so.  Anyway, if you were right 
>> >> Coop would be looking for boat owners.  It could have been dumped by 
>> >> boat, but it doesn't have to have been.  It's a river not a lake.
> >                                           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >In the pre-season "tickler" I believe it was referred to as Black Lake.
> >
> >Bob

I believe that the body was found below a dam.  This would indicate that
the water level at the place where the body was ashore changes as the
dam is opened and closed.  Lumber mills often control the amount of
water flowing through, thus regulating the level of the river downstream.
So, Laura's body could have washed up when the water was high, and then been
stranded as the water level was lowered.  No boat needed.  Also, one does
not normally find a lake below a dam...her body could have been right below
Black Lake, but not on its shore.