Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Quickies on Season Premiere
From: (Muffy Barkocy)
Date: 1990-10-11, 11:52

In article <> (David Hafken) writes:
   In article <8083@scolex.sco.COM> seanf (Sean Fagan) writes:
   >>"One has seen the third man. Three have seen him, yes... but not his
   >>body. One only, known to you, ready to speak."
   >>The three who have seen the third man are Sarah Palmer and Cooper
   >>himself, in visions. The third, of course, is Ronette Pulaski who
   >>is out of her coma and ready to speak.
   >Now here's where I want to disagree.  Ronette is *not* ready to speak;
   >remember Cooper's comment to Albert about her not being able to talk yet?
   >I have a hard time believing that this was something overlooked by Lynch and
   >Frost; so what could it mean?
   How about this theory?  The three are Coop, Sarah, AND Ronnette.  The one is
   Leland, who has actually seen BOB in real life, and is certainly ready to 
   speak if we believe is intentions to contact the sheriff...

This can't be it, though, because at the time the giant appeared and
spoke, Leland had not yet seen the poster, so he didn't have anything to
speak about (with respect to BOB).