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Subject: RE: Twin Peaks '
From: Max Rebo 
Date: 1990-10-11, 10:56

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> > 	Although I had 4 years of French in Jr. High and High School, and
> > 	there are many more fluent than I, I thought the KM said,
> > 	"Et une ame solitaire" describing Harold Smith next door, whom
> > 	Donna was going to visit.

I watched the episode, and having just recently finished 2nd year French,
distinctly heard:

	J'ai un homme solitaire,

which means "I have a solitary man."  I am wondering whether Lynch got his
French wrong, since "I am a solitary man (Je suis un homme solitaire)" or "He
is a solitary man (Il est un homme solitaire)" can easily be confused with "I
have a solitary man.  

1st person singular avoir (to have) sounds exactly like
3rd person singular etre (to be). If Lynch got his verbs confused he might have
used the first person pronoun (Je) with what he thought was the third person
form of to be (est), but which sounds like the first person form of to have

Anyway, what you describe as "ame" is most certainly "homme" (man).  You might
make a case for "Et un homme solitaire" (And a solitary man), especially if the
line preceding fits well.

I am still convinced that the boy said "J'ai un homme solitaire."

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