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Subject: Re: Twin Peaks Ratings
From: steve@altos86.Altos.COM (Steve Scherf)
Date: 1990-10-11, 13:48
Reply-to: steve@altos86.UUCP (Steve Scherf)

In article <> brianm@typhoon.Berkeley.EDU (Brian Markenson) writes:
> >In article <1990Oct10.151758@cs.Buffalo.EDU> mathews@cs.Buffalo.EDU
> >(Ryan D Mathews) writes:
>> >>Suffice it to say that if ABC decides it doesn't want it anymore, syndication
>> >>companies will be lined up at the door of Lynch/Frost.
> >
> >I hope so, although I'm afraid that might not be the case...and even if it is
> >the quality of the show would probably deteriorate noticeably...syndication
> >agencies just don't have the budget to produce shows that the networks have.

What about Star Trek? It's syndicated. Each episode costs about $1,000,000
to produce, and it certainly has no production quality problems. I can hardly
imagine that an epsiode of Twin Peaks costs even half that much.

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