Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Wah-riors, come out to play-ay...
From: lauriec@microsoft.UUCP (Laurie Corrin)
Date: 1990-10-11, 10:49

In article , (Pete Harlan) writes:
> > (Dennis Doubleday) writes:
> > 
>> > >It's not really a valid reason, but I also suspected him because of
>> > >external associations--the actor, David Patrick Kelly, always plays
>> > >anti-social creeps, most memorably in "The Warriors."
> > 
> > Quite memorably, except that was James Remar, not David Patrick Kelly.
> > "Why'd you shoot him?"  "No reeaasson..."  -- James Remar, The Warriors

Actually, the first poster was correct:  Kelly WAS in the Warriors.

Both James Remar and David Patrick Kelly are in both 48 Hours and The
Warriors.  The psycho character in The Warriors ("Wah-riors, come out to
play-ay", and "Why'd you shoot him?"  "No reeaasson...") WAS played by
David Patrick Kelly, the actor who plays Jerry Horne.  Remar played Ajax,
the most psycho member of the *good-guy* gang.

In 48 Hours, they were both bad guys.

-- Laurie